The voices of Alaskans need to be heard. Now.


The people of Alaska are ready to have greater influence in the democratic process.

Equal Access Alaska is a proposed initiative of the people filed by a coalition of Alaskans in an effort to increase citizen accessibility to the Alaska legislature.

More than 9 out of 10 Alaskans must incur significant expense to travel to Juneau, and as a result, most Alaskans have very limited input in the governing process.

The people of Alaska have spoken on this issue several times, and the legislature has not listened.

Right now, only the wealthy, elite, and special interest groups have sufficient access to our government. This must end.

 Here is what we want:

  • Alaskans have already been footing the bill for legislative space on the road system. We want the legislature to begin meeting in it.

  • We want the legacy of back door deals and corruption to stop tainting our state's reputation. The legislature belongs to the people, and the people must have reasonable and affordable access to their legislators while in session.

  • Juneau is our state capitol, and it should remain as such. Moving the entire government from Juneau isn't fiscally responsible, but putting the legislature within reasonable and affordable reach of the voters is. We want face-to-face access to our elected officials while they make important decisions affecting all Alaskans.